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This is a post I have been meaning to do, and somehow not got round to do. Sometimes I get easily distracted and then I wonder why the things I wanted to do never get done and I am bored because I have somehow got off track.

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what does your future hold?

So…this post is about VISION BOARDS. This may not be your thing but it may be someones thing and therefore a useful resource for someone out there.

Vision boards are more popular than you may think, and for research purposes I would love to connect with others who have one or use them, and get some feedback from those who do, to give this post more credit. Like attracts Like

I am afraid mine is quite dull in some respects because I would like to have the nice car, the house, be living the dream.. all the superficial things in life perhaps, but I want in.. I want those things. I know though, that for as much as I get, I give, and the more I have the more I give. For some it may completely different things, a new job or new direction.

For me recently I had a specific kind of car in mind, a family saloon, with a large boot, and a towbar….amazingly when my old car died there in the garage that had condemned my car sat this car that ticked all the boxes and even had a cd player that worked.

I also was after a bigger room where I lived with a desk. I so wanted a desk and this room looked so nice, so for ages I kept saying I wanted this room. Today I am writing to you from that very room,

In an ideal world I would have designed a posh board that I have done on a creative app, but until then…. I will direct you to a link of a great entrepreneur and business woman Elizabeth Rider who just happens to have done one and has some tips for us.

Q: What should I put on my vision board?

A: Anything that inspires and motivates you. The purpose of your vision board is to bring everything on it to life. First, think about what your goals are in the following areas: relationships, career and finances, home, travel, personal growth (including spirituality, social life, education) and health.

You don’t have to cover each area exactly the same, just take a mental inventory of what you want each of those areas to look like and write them down. Always handwrite your goals instead of typing them, there’s something energetic about actually handwriting your goals. From your goals and aspirations, think about what you want on your vision board. Like I said before, what you focus on expands. You’ll be amazed at how things just start popping up all over the place once you set the intention for what you want and how you want to feel.

Q: How often should I re-do my vision board?

A: Whenever it feels right. I often leave blank space on my vision board so I can accept new things as they appear in my life, and add and rearrange during the year when I feel it. You’ll just know. Then, every December, I give the board a total refresh to get clear about what I want in the new year. Some things stay and some have served their purpose and don’t make the cut.

Read more on her page “The reason vision Boards work and how to make one.

There are so many resources out there if you want to look more into it.

How to make a vision Board that works in 10 simple steps

Free Vision Board Planning work book and printables

vision board ideas

Settle for nothing less. Create what you want to create. Make good things happen and you will. Others have known this. Others are doing this purposefully or by accident. Isn’t it time you learned to create the life you want too? Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Let me know how you get on!


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Taking time out is time well spent

Steven Alexander

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Do you believe in fate, or destiny, the universe/cosmos, A Deity or God? Do you believe your destiny is already in play?

Our lives are governed by laws…the laws of nature, the laws of the land, and now I come across “The Law of Attraction!” Katherine Hurst

I would really like to know if this is real, is this “a thing” is this any different from trying to be positive and visualization.  I cannot tell you how visualization works , but in my life I have experienced this come to fruition, cars, houses jobs, money needed.

I would be lying if I said this has worked straight away, it could take weeks, months or even years in my case, occasionally it has been instantaneous,  so does this make it circumstantial, or coincidence, did i somehow force the result I wanted. Do we make our own luck?

I am not a marketeer or promoter, I am life questioner. I like to know if something is real or not real – fact or fiction.

I would like to invite others to share with me their thoughts and experiences on “The Law of Attraction” as a piece of market research. Is this something you have experience or knowledge?

Law of attraction Quiz

Using a little known biological breakthrough in the Law of Attraction known as your “Intention Point”.

It connects you with a Universal force able to manifest limitless freedom, peace and abundance in your life…

Intrigued I did the quiz and got the results below:

“One Simple Shift That Could Change Your Life Forever

“One thing I noticed is that you tend to put yourself last, and other people first. I mean, self sacrifice means you care, right? Well, not really. For a long time, people have associated self sacrifice with “doing what’s right.” This is not how you achieve your dreams, or help others.

Instead you build a never ending “to do” list filled with other people’s expectations, never living a life that truly matters! You need to understand your true value as a human, not as a resource. Realize YES – I DO deserve to get what I want! A simple shift in self worth is all it takes. And I’m confident it will all turn around soon.

Plus, after looking a bit deeper, I’m confident feeling…

Freedom Really IS Possible In All Areas Of Your Life”

If this is indeed real or true – I want in as I feel the possibilities are endless.


If this is a resource that is of any value to you, then, then like all of my resources check it out and make up your own mind. I would like this to work and if you have read blogs on refinersway or fed up of being poor you would understand why this is important to me personally.

I would really value feedback on this, as I research this further along with words such as “alignment” “intention point” and “manifestation”

Please let me know your thoughts… come, follow, comment.


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