92 ways to make money while sleeping


92 ways of making money sleeping.. is this possible? Is this believable? READ ON…

While having a lazy morning, unable to get out of bed I reached for my phone.

I had a few surveys to catch up on to build up my PASSIVE INCOME wallet. This obviously is not making me huge amounts of money but the other day I cashed out my months work and it paid for presents and shopping – RESULT!

As I sat tapping away on my phone I thought it would be awesome to make money while I slept or from the comfort of my bed.

Just on one page of searching I discovered there are so many ways of earning money from bed. Given enough time and effort it is possible to earn a reasonable amount of money without even trying too hard. NOW THIS IS SMART EARNING!

In my link you will find 91 ways of earning money but because of the nature of my job I do get paid to sleep but this still means “being at work”

I do not want to work for money, I want money to work for me so I am on a mission,

Check out my journey FED UP OF BEING POOR

Fancy knowing how to  find FREE WAYS TO LEARN FROM BOOKS WITHOUT PAYING? I hate paying for anything unless I have to.

Here is one I am learning from……Rich Dad Poor DAD

If you want to check out ways to earn money while you sleep please go visit my page.

>>>>>>>>>>>91 ways to make money while you sleep

Did you know you can support charities without putting your hand in your pocket just by your normal shopping on line? There are different ways but as I love “AMAZON”, there is a way you can do this HERE



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