Bored or Board! – What are you visualizing?

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This is a post I have been meaning to do, and somehow not got round to do. Sometimes I get easily distracted and then I wonder why the things I wanted to do never get done and I am bored because I have somehow got off track.

an image depicting a vision board of dreams visions insperation
what does your future hold?

So…this post is about VISION BOARDS. This may not be your thing but it may be someones thing and therefore a useful resource for someone out there.

Vision boards are more popular than you may think, and for research purposes I would love to connect with others who have one or use them, and get some feedback from those who do, to give this post more credit. Like attracts Like

I am afraid mine is quite dull in some respects because I would like to have the nice car, the house, be living the dream.. all the superficial things in life perhaps, but I want in.. I want those things. I know though, that for as much as I get, I give, and the more I have the more I give. For some it may completely different things, a new job or new direction.

For me recently I had a specific kind of car in mind, a family saloon, with a large boot, and a towbar….amazingly when my old car died there in the garage that had condemned my car sat this car that ticked all the boxes and even had a cd player that worked.

I also was after a bigger room where I lived with a desk. I so wanted a desk and this room looked so nice, so for ages I kept saying I wanted this room. Today I am writing to you from that very room,

In an ideal world I would have designed a posh board that I have done on a creative app, but until then…. I will direct you to a link of a great entrepreneur and business woman Elizabeth Rider who just happens to have done one and has some tips for us.

Q: What should I put on my vision board?

A: Anything that inspires and motivates you. The purpose of your vision board is to bring everything on it to life. First, think about what your goals are in the following areas: relationships, career and finances, home, travel, personal growth (including spirituality, social life, education) and health.

You don’t have to cover each area exactly the same, just take a mental inventory of what you want each of those areas to look like and write them down. Always handwrite your goals instead of typing them, there’s something energetic about actually handwriting your goals. From your goals and aspirations, think about what you want on your vision board. Like I said before, what you focus on expands. You’ll be amazed at how things just start popping up all over the place once you set the intention for what you want and how you want to feel.

Q: How often should I re-do my vision board?

A: Whenever it feels right. I often leave blank space on my vision board so I can accept new things as they appear in my life, and add and rearrange during the year when I feel it. You’ll just know. Then, every December, I give the board a total refresh to get clear about what I want in the new year. Some things stay and some have served their purpose and don’t make the cut.

Read more on her page “The reason vision Boards work and how to make one.

There are so many resources out there if you want to look more into it.

How to make a vision Board that works in 10 simple steps

Free Vision Board Planning work book and printables

vision board ideas

Settle for nothing less. Create what you want to create. Make good things happen and you will. Others have known this. Others are doing this purposefully or by accident. Isn’t it time you learned to create the life you want too? Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Let me know how you get on!


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Taking time out is time well spent

Steven Alexander

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10 Easy steps to Making Your dreams come true

Supported People – Support Others


I think it is amazing how much support there is out there for whatever you need or want in life.  I would like to think though, although I do not have much to offer, what I do have, I happily give to all who ask. I like  to see myself as a mentor on a mission helping my fellow humans out who need help – who am I not to?

I love this clip:

From “Harry Potter”Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows Part 2

JK Rowling “Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who deserve it” A great book and Film and an inspirational Author.

As much as I love this speech by “Dumbledore”, I would like to challenge this. Whilst I believe help should be given to those who deserve it, there are times in our life where maybe we didn’t deserve help or support yet we still received it. Sometimes sadly people do not always get the help and support they need. We need more advocates. Are you an advocate?

There is something so uniquely beautifully and transforming about “Grace”, receiving and giving.

Here are some definitions of “Grace”

What is grace and what are some ways people have defined grace?

“Grace is free sovereign favor to the ill-deserving.”(B.B. Warfield)

“Grace is love that cares and stoops and rescues.”(John Stott)

“[Grace] is God reaching downward to people who are in rebellion against Him.”(Jerry Bridges)

“Grace is unconditional love toward a person who does not deserve it.” (Paul Zahl)

“Pity those who live without love” Albus Dumbledor

I recently read a post that reminded me about the star fish when it comes to helping people. Some ask why do you do it? what difference can you make?

It can be hard to lose heart or maybe feel taken advantage of. Do we just close up shop, go in on ourselves, decide never to help another out? or do we rise above it and get stronger.

For those that have never come across the starfish, I believe there may be slightly different versions about these days.. but the essence remains.

Enjoy a bit of free inspiration!

an image about a starfish story. A boy is throwing lots of starfish into the sea before the tide goes out. An old man questions him saying there is miles and miles of beach and hundreds of starfish, and says he cant make a difference. the boy says to the ones he throws back into the sea he makes a difference
Make a difference to just one person!


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“Shutterstock” Notes These are the bills I want

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Steven Alexander Time out is time well spent




100 money making side hustles and business ideas.


I am on a mission to be a millionaire. It sounds crazy and I am nowhere there, however may be one day I may be.

Until then, I would like to share a friends website with you, as I cannot take any credit for it.

Back In January I started a mission of self discovery, and began to look at ways at getting myself out of poverty. I was several thousand pounds in debt, I was homeless, I had nothing, so I said to myself “I am fed up of being Poor”

I then made it my mission to begin to look at ways to earn, save and help others in my situation.  If you visit Fed up of being poor blog you can see my journey as I hope it can help some one.

As I have said, this particular page is not about me, so without further a do can I present the fantastic, the inspirational, my unofficial life pilgrim and mentor, author of From Pennies to pounds

Maybe the reason you are here…

100 money making side hustle business ideas

This is a fantastic resource if you are looking at getting out debt, earning some money or want to save.

My site is about offering gold nuggets resources. This author is worth her weight in gold and more so please do visit and support her and encourage her as she helps so many others.

I hope this resource can help others.

Thank you for visiting, please feel free to comment, like or follow me for more of my life resources that I have found valuable on my missions.

propic Steven Alexander

Chief Happiness Officer of  Fed Up Of Being Poor Blog – Make money save money, help others, reduce poverty.

Author of Life style Blog Refiners Way – Restoring balance to body mind and spirit.

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Do you believe in fate, or destiny, the universe/cosmos, A Deity or God? Do you believe your destiny is already in play?

Our lives are governed by laws…the laws of nature, the laws of the land, and now I come across “The Law of Attraction!” Katherine Hurst

I would really like to know if this is real, is this “a thing” is this any different from trying to be positive and visualization.  I cannot tell you how visualization works , but in my life I have experienced this come to fruition, cars, houses jobs, money needed.

I would be lying if I said this has worked straight away, it could take weeks, months or even years in my case, occasionally it has been instantaneous,  so does this make it circumstantial, or coincidence, did i somehow force the result I wanted. Do we make our own luck?

I am not a marketeer or promoter, I am life questioner. I like to know if something is real or not real – fact or fiction.

I would like to invite others to share with me their thoughts and experiences on “The Law of Attraction” as a piece of market research. Is this something you have experience or knowledge?

Law of attraction Quiz

Using a little known biological breakthrough in the Law of Attraction known as your “Intention Point”.

It connects you with a Universal force able to manifest limitless freedom, peace and abundance in your life…

Intrigued I did the quiz and got the results below:

“One Simple Shift That Could Change Your Life Forever

“One thing I noticed is that you tend to put yourself last, and other people first. I mean, self sacrifice means you care, right? Well, not really. For a long time, people have associated self sacrifice with “doing what’s right.” This is not how you achieve your dreams, or help others.

Instead you build a never ending “to do” list filled with other people’s expectations, never living a life that truly matters! You need to understand your true value as a human, not as a resource. Realize YES – I DO deserve to get what I want! A simple shift in self worth is all it takes. And I’m confident it will all turn around soon.

Plus, after looking a bit deeper, I’m confident feeling…

Freedom Really IS Possible In All Areas Of Your Life”

If this is indeed real or true – I want in as I feel the possibilities are endless.


If this is a resource that is of any value to you, then, then like all of my resources check it out and make up your own mind. I would like this to work and if you have read blogs on refinersway or fed up of being poor you would understand why this is important to me personally.

I would really value feedback on this, as I research this further along with words such as “alignment” “intention point” and “manifestation”

Please let me know your thoughts… come, follow, comment.


attraction pic


Steven Alexander,

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I have no financial interest or investment  in any sales of any products within as I am more interested in the theory philosophy and science, so I cannot comment on the legitimacy or effectiveness of what is on sale.


385 ways to “Pay it Forward”

pay it forward2


Inspired by Refiners Way Post as a fan and advocate of the “Pay it forward” philosophy, I could not help but look into this more and encourage others to do the same.  I am fed up of hearing how bad the world is, how bad society is – let’s split the winners from the whiners by making a difference.

“The world can sometimes seem like an unfriendly, threatening place. But by recognizing ACTS OF KINDNESS and doing something kind for someone else, you can kick-start a chain reaction of generosity and thoughtful behavior, brightening the mood of friends, neighbors, and strangers alike. Paying it forward in this way will feel good and make someone else feel good, too.”  Wiki defines Pay it forward

With every excuse not to, I have found 385 ways to “pay it forward”

I am sure with more research more ways can be found.

“What goes around comes around!”

As some one who does  not have much money I quite like any frugal ways. So here are 25 frugal ways

Whichever way you choose , just remember…

act of kindness


I am currently looking into marketing. One of my passions is “reviews”

Like many I review on “TRIP ADVISOR” and “GOOGLE” as a “GOOGLE GUIDE” offering GREAT REVIEWS of places I have been attracting lots of views which I do FOR FREE. 

I also check out other peoples blogs websites… so if you would like an AMAZING ENCOURAGING REVIEW FOR FREE, please get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

Follow me in trying to make this a better world for us NOW TODAY honoring those who came before us, and let us be pioneers, life influencers for our next generation.

thanks for visiting

propic Steven Alexander,

pay it forward dvd Buy the “Pay it Forward” DVD

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Amazon and do not get any commission  from any links or sales…..(maybe one day) The picture and link is for reference only.

Thank you.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>Read more inspirational posts from Refiners Way<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<



14 ways to keep good memories alive

Hi, Thanks for dropping by, how are you?

I was recently touched by a video that is travelling around Face book. It reminded me of my post I wrote “memories”  at Refiners way.

Thoughts and Prayers for Joey Daley and the family.

“Mother and Son’s Journey with Dementia – The day started out good until I started asking my Mother questions. One question led to another until I heard the words that no child ever wants to hear.”

see the video here

With dementia now getting people at a younger age I begin to think how important our memories and our mind is so I wrote this a reminder to myself and to others out there to remember how precious life is.

Remember memories

Make the most of moments,

Capture them,

Experience them,

Share them,

Talk about them.

Keep them.

Invest your time with folk. – Time is short.

Take more photos or videos- you can never take enough photos.

Look through photos – You will be amazed at what you may have forgotten.

Look at old memory sticks or buy new memory sticks.

Make scrap books – Record your memories for prosperity.

Keep a memory box – A small box that can kept to remind you of times gone by.

Live for moments.. Moments are precious.

Tell those who matter that you love them – Tell them more!



Thanks for visiting, good to see you here. Feel free to comment or follow.

propic (2) Steven Alexander

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kiss of bliss

Welcome inside,

kiss of bliss


If you knew a secret, would you tell or share?

If some one offered you some TOP TIPS FOR A BLISSFUL LIFE, would you snap this up? Who does not want a blissful life?

I am always seeking to make life simpler, easier, less stressful,”blissful”

I was quite excited to discover some of these INSIDER TIPS which I think are superb and I am sharing them.

I am always on the hunt for insider tips to make my life better. I thought this worth a read.

Are you blissfully happy? If you can’t answer, “YES!” then why?

  • Maybe your career isn’t as fulfilling as you’d hoped it would be, but you’re not sure it’s possible to make money doing what you enjoy.
  • Maybe you keep saying you’re going to lose that last 10 pounds, (or 20 pounds, or more) but you can’t bring yourself to eat well or exercise consistently.
  • Maybe you have conflicting feelings about alcohol, but you buy into the myth that you can’t help yourself.
  • Perhaps you know that there’s something bigger and better out there for you, but you aren’t sure how to make lasting change.

When we treat every chance we have to change our lives for the better as, “Eh, just another moment in time,” We are throwing away all of our chances. Life is nothing but a series of moments. Each moment is a chance to start shining. Here’s your chance.

The Monarch Company

I hope you enjoy this resource.

Please come visit again. follow, like comment!


Steven Alexander.

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10 Easy steps to Making Your dreams come true

Welcome to the Throne Room, Good to see you.

For those who do not know me, I am a dreamer and procrastinator and I am learning to try and live my dreams.

I discovered these 10 EASY STEPS TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE  by Katie Morton.

  • What’s your DREAM?
  • Decide and BELIEVE!.
  • Release fear. –COMBAT YOUR FEAR
  • Take ACTION!
  • Use other’s success as inspiration. – you too can SUCCEED
  • View mistakes as lessons, not an excuse to give up. – DO NOT GIVE UP!
  • Value tiny decisions. The decision to get up early every morning is a momentous one.
  • Don’t let bad habits win.
  • Believe the Universe is friendly.

I am working on the above. I hope they bring you SUCCESS Please do drop a line and let me know how they work out for you. Read more on my blog – 

Steven Alexander.


Fed up of being poor – a Blog of one poor persons journey of “making it”

Credit to Katie Morton check out her blog here

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92 ways to make money while sleeping


92 ways of making money sleeping.. is this possible? Is this believable? READ ON…

While having a lazy morning, unable to get out of bed I reached for my phone.

I had a few surveys to catch up on to build up my PASSIVE INCOME wallet. This obviously is not making me huge amounts of money but the other day I cashed out my months work and it paid for presents and shopping – RESULT!

As I sat tapping away on my phone I thought it would be awesome to make money while I slept or from the comfort of my bed.

Just on one page of searching I discovered there are so many ways of earning money from bed. Given enough time and effort it is possible to earn a reasonable amount of money without even trying too hard. NOW THIS IS SMART EARNING!

In my link you will find 91 ways of earning money but because of the nature of my job I do get paid to sleep but this still means “being at work”

I do not want to work for money, I want money to work for me so I am on a mission,

Check out my journey FED UP OF BEING POOR

Fancy knowing how to  find FREE WAYS TO LEARN FROM BOOKS WITHOUT PAYING? I hate paying for anything unless I have to.

Here is one I am learning from……Rich Dad Poor DAD

If you want to check out ways to earn money while you sleep please go visit my page.

>>>>>>>>>>>91 ways to make money while you sleep

Did you know you can support charities without putting your hand in your pocket just by your normal shopping on line? There are different ways but as I love “AMAZON”, there is a way you can do this HERE



Steven Alexander.

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“Throne Room” Open for business.

Thanks for joining me! My Name is Steven Alexander.

I am a min wage support worker for a great learning disability charity. To Make ends meet, I write with the hope of making a side income at some stage, maybe WRITE FOR A LIVING but also because I love to write and SUPPORT OTHERS.

Welcome to my throne room!



The concept behind this blog is to bring together resources that may be useful and valuable. This is the secret back inside passage that will connect my network .

The throne room was a vision I had a while ago of “riches” beside a throne of gold and jewels and precious things which were stacked high, and the doors were wide open. Sadly I could not find an image on GOOGLE (my favorite search engine,) that depicted this very well. Maybe a little like this!

treasure room

“Scrooge mcduck in Ducktales Walt Disney Animation distributed by Bueno Vista”

In my vision I stood at the door while others looked in and unlike “Scrooge Mcduck”, I gave things away, until eventually I had nothing left for myself because I had given it all away. I then closed the doors  and as I went to walk away leaving an empty throne room, the room filled once more.

I was originally going to use the image of a toilet as “my throne”, as it it can be a place to think, talk , share, relieve, and many of my best ideas have been born from there.

The site will grow and develop and you are welcome here and on my journey. I just ask that you are respectful and whilst I may offer FREE THINGS please do ask and credit or link to me as I would show you that respect.  You are free not to read or like or engage and that is fine too!

Please feel free to visit my other sites:

Fed Up Of Being Poor   A site of hints and tips of making money, saving money, getting out of poverty.

Refiners Way A personal history and testament of life being turned around, taking a frown and turning upside down. Looking at mental health and life issues and finding a way through. A support for those in trouble.

The Throne Room – A resource site of educational material that is free to visitors and users.

“Change a life, Save a life”

PAY IT FORWARD – If you could CHANGE SOMEBODY’S LIFE for the better – would you?

I believe strongly in the “pay it forward” model of helping another out in trying to make the world a better place for all. I believe in humanity and with the right people and the right resources, lives can be changed and people can change and do change.

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My readers and followers are my life blood and hold me up in times of trial. I am eternally grateful to them and never forget them. They are all valuable..


Thanks for reading and following, come back again.

Steven Alexander



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Fed Up Of Being Poor   A site of hints and tips of making money, saving money, getting out of poverty.

Refiners Way A personal history and testament of life being turned around, taking a frown and turning upside down. Looking at mental health and life issues and finding a way through.  support for those in trouble.

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